Be inspired by this original song music video, an inclusive collaboration with co-lyricist, director-choreographer, dancers and musicians with disabilities such as Deafness, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and physical disability. So much is possible

if we see ability beyond disability.

Premiered at The Purple Parade's first digital concert on October 31, 2020.

Signing Hands

Produced by: Tham Yin May

Lyrics: Isabelle Lim (Deaf) & Tham Yin May

Music & Creative Direction: Tham Yin May

Director & Choreographer: Ammar โ€œAmeezyโ€ (Deaf)

Music Producer: Patrick Chng

Pianist & Arranger: Chester Tan

Performer: Isabelle Lim (Deaf)

Vocalist: Tham Yin May

Musicians from The Purple Symphony: Huang Li Zhen, violinist (physically disabled) Luo Mang, violinist (on Autism Spectrum) Samuel Ho, violinist (Cerebral Palsy) Royce Tan, cellist (on Autism Spectrum)

Dancers from Redeafination - Singapore Deaf Dance Crew: Patricia Merilo (Deaf) Shariffah Faaiqah (Deaf) Lee Yong Cheong (Deaf)

Set Producer: Iffah Suhaili

DOP: Hudzaifah Camera Assistant: Dom

Key Grip: Adil, Bryan

Lighter: Niki

Set Photographer: Isabelle Lim

Production Assistant: Jacqueline Lim


ยฉ๏ธ Lyrics by Isabelle Lim and Tham Yin May

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